Wholesale Clothing

Wholesale Clothing is a great way to get great deals on clothing at a fraction of the price! When you buy from a regular store, you are buying at a higher “retail” price that is marked up to benefit the store; when you buy retail, you are paying for the store’s expenses. 

When you go to a store and look at a price tag, you are seeing the retail price. When you buy retail, you are paying towards the payment of the store’s rental space, the electricity, the employees’ salaries, and many other types of costs that the store faces.

You’ll want to be careful with some types of wholesale offers as they may not be telling the whole truth and the items may be damaged or older stock. Not all warehouses are like this, of course, some are quite reliable and their product is worth every penny. The wholesale vendors know that if they sell you damaged products, their reputation will be ruined, so most of them will only sell worthy products.

A wholesale liquidator is someone who distributes excess merchandise from a manufacturer. Their main audience is people who are looking to buy wholesale merchandise to resell, like eBay, small boutiques, or Flea Market.

Some of these liquidators will buy this type of excess merchandise in bulk to resell to anyone wanting to buy below the original wholesale price.

If a liquidation company is offering specific wholesale pallets or truckloads of merchandise that is not owned by them, then that is considered a broker. They would list the product, adding their own price and commission onto the final price and when it is bought, they would buy the product and give it to the buyer and keep the profit.

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