closeout liquidators Affordable, quality clothing is always in immediate need as people are always looking for new clothes for both themselves, their children or other loved ones. This constant demand for apparel and even accessories make starting a clothing business an attractive prospect for many. But where does one start? How do you access the right product to ensure a better chance at success? Follow these guidelines for starting a clothing business in your area:

  • Decide on your particular niche. If there is a need in your area for a particular type of clothing focus on that niche. Ladies plus-size clothing, children’s and big and tall clothing for men are sought-after clothing types that are in high demand.
  • Buy wholesale clothing from a wholesale distribution company. Closeout liquidators make clothing, accessories, shoes and other goods available to a secondary market. These items come from large American retail companies that for a variety of reasons, did not sell at the retail level. Purchasing your inventory from bulk clothing suppliers, like Eagle Trade, allows you to obtain goods at far less than purchasing direct from the manufacturer themselves.
  • Secure a location for your product. You’ll need to first decide if you plan to open a brick-and-mortar location within your city or region, sell only at flea markets or establish an e-commerce store online. This is probably one of the most crucial decisions to the success of your business as costs can vary widely and, whether local or internet-based, depends highly on traffic.
  • Market and promote heavily. Never assume that your customers are just waiting for you to open. You’ll need to make them aware of your presence and why they should shop your store or site. Use a variety of online and traditional marketing techniques to spread the word.