Our company is a Worldwide Clothing Distributor of Mix American Brands originally sold through Department Stores.

We own the inventory offered to our customers. Our strengths are Women, Children and Men mixes, with a large content of colors, styles, brands, sizes, variety. Our clothing mix consist of customer returned & clearance mark downs that has been carefully selected by our staff and is said to include “new with price tags”, “new with no price tags”, some “pre-worn garments”, available in Fall-Winter or Spring-Summer mixes. We inform all customers to expect a small percentage (2% to 5%) of minor repairable damaged garments (pinholes, missing buttons, small stain, etc.) that were overseen during the sorting process and most are not perceivable at first glance.

  • This mix contains Women clothing (approx. 60%), Children clothing (approx. 20% Kids + 10% Infants) and Men clothing (approx. 10%).
  • The brands are a mix of hundreds of famous national and global labels sold through the American Community.
  • This mix will include assorted standard sizes “not to include” plus or big and tall sizes as part of our quality control process.   
  • Expect to see a large variety of garments (blouses, skirts, pants, dresses, shorts, jeans, dress shirts, t-shirts, active wear, etc.)
  • Clothing in this mix will go thru a quality control to minimize defects and damages, separate Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer; among others.
  • Current Pricing is :$2.50 per piece, Ex Works our warehouse in Miami, FL, USA (All shipping charges, including drayage are buyer’s responsibility). Any additional needs as Manifest, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Fumigation, Labeling, Categories Breakdown, among others, might increase cost of merchandise depending on agreed conditions.
  • Terms:50% deposit is required to confirm order, production can take 5 to 15 days depending on size of order and packaging preference, the balance to be paid before or day of loading container. We accept Bank Wire Transfers. Customer Inspections are welcomed. Some countries require pre-inspection therefore customer would need to request this inspection from country of destination in advance.

 We offer several different packaging options to customer’s preference. Weight and piece count may vary depending on type of season.

  • Option #1 – Packed in 78 – 100 pound bales (18” x 18” x 30”), consisting from 200 to 240 pieces. (1 x 40’ container x 540 bales
  • Option #2 – Packed in 1000 pound bales (36” x 48” x 52”) consisting from 2000 to 2400 pieces. (1 x 40’ container x 44 bales)
  • Option #3 – Packed in 60 to 70 pound boxes (24” x 18” x 18”) consisting from 100 to 120 pieces. (1 x 40’ container x 475 boxes)
  • Option #4 – Packed in Cap Sacks (40” x 48” x 40”) 450 pounds consisting from 1,000 to 1,200 pieces. (1 x 40’ container x 88 cap sack-bags)
  • Option #5 – Packed in Gaylords (40” x 48” x 45”), 450 pounds (gross weight), (1 x 40’ container x 40 gaylords)
  • Option #6 – Packed in Small Gaylords (40“ x 48“ x 30 “), 400 to 600 pieces (241 pounds gross weight). )1 x 40’ container x 60 gaylords)