With projected estimates purported at more than $173 billion by 2017, the children’s apparel industry continues to grow faster than the kids it strives to clothe. Almost recession proof, children’s wear continues to deliver clothing retailers an almost guaranteed stream of revenue worldwide. Even during the last few years, where households spent less on both men’s and women’s clothing, children’s wear continued to grow, spurred by apparel manufacturer’s desire to supply what are traditionally seen as adult apparel brands, to a younger and younger, brand-conscious audience. Millenials in the US are much more likely to spend higher amounts on their children’s clothing items than their counterparts in other industrialized nations; though the upward trend in spending has been noted on a global level. The children’s wear market in the Asia-Pacific region is projected to deliver the fastest growth over the the next few years with an increase of more than five percent.

By supplying the global retail apparel industry with overstock clothing, through wholesale distribution means, Eagle Trade Clothing Wholesalers helps companies all over the world offer premium, high-quality children’s clothing to their customers on the retail level. With supplies of overstock clothing from the pallet-load to the truck-full, apparel retailers are able to purchase, at discount costs, the best children’s wear that manufacturers have to offer. Acting as both a source for wholesale clothing and a consultant for the retail clothing industry, we help companies of all sizes experience growth and business success by enabling them to watch and monitor their inventory costs. With the explosive growth in the niche of children’s apparel, we strive to help those in the industry stay on-top-of, and benefit from, the continued rise in sales.