clothing liquidators As the global industry leader for clothing liquidators, we at Eagle Trade like to think that what we do saves the planet. Or helps to anyway. With the amount of overstock clothing, shoes, toys, accessories and miscellaneous goods that accumulate on a daily basis, if it weren’t for companies like ours, that help find secondary markets for this useable items, they would end up in the world’s landfills. With the tons of apparel and merchandise that Eagle Trade alone processes and distributes, we know that we stop literally tons of goods from becoming garbage before their use is over.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 14.3 million tons of textiles were generated in 2012. Of that, almost 15% was recovered by clothing liquidators like Eagle Trade for export and reprocessing, which means that we helped keep more than 2 million tons of clothing and goods out of the landfills. Thanks to recycling efforts on the parts of individuals, another 1.3 million tons are recycled by finding new lives for the items or by donating them to second-hand stores.

For apparel shops, being able to access high-quality clothing and accessories at the low prices offered by wholesale liquidators is sometimes key to running a successful business. Being able to offer quality goods recovered from American companies at affordable prices to their own clientele is often the icing on the retail cake. At Eagle Trade clothing wholesalers, we take pride in knowing that what we do as a company has a recognizable and long-lasting effect on both our world-wide society and our global environment.