If you’re considering following tips from our last blog and starting a clothing business with wholesale clothing, it’s important that you’re aware of the many reasons clothing stores fail. Even if you already have an established store, this list will help  you keep your business on the right track.

1. A company requires careful maintenance to remain in the positives. Neglect is over the cause for a business going under because, while an entrepreneur is great a creating a company, they may not be so great with direction and involvement.

2. Disasters are also a common cause of failing businesses, both man-made and natural. Floods, fires, and storms are all disasters that can destroy a business. While these things are pretty hard to avoid, good management will ensure that the company is backed by the right insurance company as well as an emergency plan.

3. Access to capital can be a downfall, as well. We’ve all heard that it takes money to make money. While some companies have been able to start with very little capital and become successful, it’s very hard. Without the proper funds, it can be close to impossible to meet your day to day expenses.

4. The cost of overhead can put a business in the ground. If you’re considering starting your own retail store from wholesale clothing, avoid unnecessary overhead.

5. Of course, poor sales is in the top 5 reasons companies fail. Causes of poor sales can be economic factors, out of date product, no marketing, and managers not being receptive to market trends.