Here at Eagle Trade Worldwide Clothing Wholesalers, you won’t find better deals on affordable brand name and designer wholesale clothing anywhere else online. We take perfectly good clothes, shoes, and accessories that have either been returned, overstock, part of a closeout, or part of a shelf pull and we resale them to the public at prices from 75-90% off the retail MSRP. This means we’re constantly raising the industry standard because we’re practicing innovative ways to provide better wholesale clothing, better service, and at better prices without sacrificing quality.

Fashion is an industry that’s constantly in turmoil because it’s full of questionable deals, shady brokers, and our favorite: constant change. We offer an American Fashion Mix that gives you a safe buying opportunity for a consistent  and reliable source of excess American fashion. We’ve spent decades supplying businesses around the globe with our closeout and overstock clothing deals and offering consistent options and products has always been a challenge. Now more than ever, our product is in high demand and competition is on the rise. We’ve been able to combat this challenge by coming up with an innovative solution: the American Fashion Mix. This mix is a result of years of trial and error, risk, and innovation that we’re able to now deliver to you.

All of the grading, sorting, and mixing has already been done for you using our own unique formula right in our own warehouse in Miami, Florida. When you buy through Eagle Trade Worldwide, you can expect to receive an excellent experience and value for your money. Contact us today!