Pallets of Merchandise for Sale

There could be a number of common mistakes made when you are ready to buy pallets of merchandise for sale. While buying wholesale merchandise pallets can be a great way to save money, there can certainly be some pitfalls to the process. Here are some top tips on buying pallets of returned merchandise for your liquidation or resale purposes.Wholesale Clothing Pallets

  1. Low quality merchandise: sometimes several pallets of low-quality merchandise can take a long time to move. With a few pallets of inventory on one dollar or two dollar items, you could be sitting on them for a few years before you’ll actually get your money back.
  2. Expired products: in some cases, products like sunscreen, cosmetics and more can expire over time. If these products have been sitting on a pallet for a few years the owner may want to get rid of them for a good price. Buying expired products, however, could leave you sitting on a huge pile of garbage.
  3. Products that are not on trend: Trends occur every few years but there are some products which simply don’t come back in popularity. Buying a pallet of old video games for a system that didn’t do well, would likely be a bad investment.
  4. Check for signs of damage: when you  buy pallets of returned merchandise even if the outside items are fine, there is a small chance that the internal items are going to be damaged. Keep this in mind when you are offering a price for the items. Always ask to see where the merchandise is, if they won’t let you. It’s probably a scam.
  5. Don’t expect to win the lottery: it is important to be a realist when looking at merchandise liquidations. Just because something looks as though it might be a good value, this doesn’t mean that you will necessarily be able to turn it around for a huge profit. Consider your margins well and only make the purchase. When you are confident you can at least double your profits or more.
  6. Buying items you don’t have space for: Even if you have found a great deal on merchandise, you still have to find a way to store it before it is sold. Some merchandise liquidations can be transferred directly to a potential buyer quickly. Others, however you may have to store for weeks or months.

Keep some of these top mistakes in mind when you buy pallets of returned merchandise.

Buy Pallets of Returned Merchandise