What We Do

When it comes to liquidating major American department store clothing, shoes, and accessories, there is no wholesale distribution company in the industry that compares to our level of expertise, professionalism, and selection of quality brands. We specialize in breaking down truckloads of department store overstock clothing and carefully hand-grading each piece for quality and style. Once the articles are graded, we blend the styles using a unique formula to make up our American Fashion mixes. This formula is continually updated with over 25 years experience and knowledge enabling us to forecast changes and patterns in the off-price fashion industry to help your business succeed!

Complete Solution

overstock clothing In an industry that is filled with constant turmoil, questionable deals, and shady brokers; our American Fashion Mixes present the only safe buying opportunity on the whole sale clothing market for a consistent and reliable supply of excess American fashion. From decades of supplying businesses around the world with closeout and overstock clothing deals, offering consistent product has always been a challenge. With increasing demand for our product and competition on the rise, we came up with a new innovative way to tackle this problem while providing greater value for our customers. From years of trial and error, risk, and innovation, we finally came up with our first formulated American Fashion Mixes and have never looked back!

Our American Fashion Mixes are composed of the latest customer returns, overstocks, closeouts and shelf pull from America’s leading department stores, processed through our warehouse on a daily basis. We expertly grade, sort, and mix the clothing using our unique formula. This formula is continually updated allowing our customers to take full advantage of our knowledge, price, and diversity from the largest importers of excess American Fashion worldwide. overstock clothing 


Why Choose Us?

EXPERIENCE– For over 25 years we have mastered every aspect of the clothing liquidation industry including supply, freight, duty, grading, sorting, & customs documentation all specifically for clothing, shoes & accessories.

TRUST– Decades of thriving long-term relationships with our suppliers and buyers.

EXCLUSIVITY– We have exclusive distribution rights with many of our Department Store suppliers making our product truly unique in the market and giving us the advantage of offering the best prices.

VOLUME– USA’s largest exporter of excess and returned fashion, processing over 600 truckloads per year of surplus fashion directly from Major Department Stores.

GRADE– With thorough inspection, we do the dirty work for you by removing un-wearable and un-repairable items from our mixes, allowing the lowest percentage possible of irregulars-damages to ensure the cleanest and best product for every market.

FORMULA– We mix our inventory using a proven formula to ensure that each customer receives the highest possible return on investment.

BRANDS– All of our fashion accessories wholesale merchandise is sourced from department stores that carry private labels, national and international brands.

CONSTANT SUPPLY– We always maintain enough closeout clothing inventory in each of our warehouses to ensure supply as per our customers’ requests.

overstock clothing