Everyday, those who are courageous enough, try their hand at starting a small retail apparel business. They are a special breed. Creating a business venture from scratch can be an intimidating task that few are willing to take on. When it comes to the clothing industry, knowing what you are getting into is the first, albeit small,  step towards success. One of the most vitally important aspects of attaining that elusive success is the product itself. Being able to procure an inventory of quality clothing that is attractive, trendy and priced competitively is of the highest significance. Follow these insider tips when searching for a wholesale clothing distributor to ensure a better chance at success:

  1. Know your customer. Understanding fashion and marketing trends is vital to running a clothing store. Choose a demographic to focus your business on and stick to it. Trying to be too many things to too many people is the downfall of many past business owners. Research whether the area needs another children’s clothing shop or if it’s ripe for a woman’s plus-size clothing shop. Maybe a men’s clothing store is a better idea. Maybe it’s your dream to open a junior’s shop in your old town area. Just stick with your decision and don’t be swayed by a good deal or so-called opportunity.
  2. Be more than discerning. There are a multitude of clothing liquidators as of late, thanks in part to the explosion of the internet. Make sure you research and compare aspects of several companies before settling. You can utilize the services of more than just one though you’ll want to keep a close eye on your inventory and where you obtained what merchandise in case of any problems. Compare them against each other on more than just price point. Though some wholesale prices can be tempting, the quality of their goods is highly important. If they obtain their inventory from less-than-quality suppliers, you may be stuck with clothing that you cannot move. Make sure to understand the product you are buying.
  3. Check the minimums. Make sure that you don’t immediately get in over your head. Even good deals can go sour if you have too much inventory of any one product. Retail customers enjoy, and expect, a wide selection and choice when shopping. If you’ve gotten stuck with dozens of one type of blouse, you’ll end up freezing up valuable cash flow and precious rack space.
  4. Expect longer shipping times. Shipping in bulk is not like shipping retail. Orders can take weeks rather than days and often come with fairly high shipping costs – especially when shipped internationally. Be patient and expect to pay more.

Stepping into the retail fashion industry can be an exciting venture that may prove quite lucrative if done right. Eagle Trade Worldwide Clothing Wholesalers has been assisting those within the industry for decades by providing quality wholesale and overstock clothing and unmatched customer service.