Eagle Trade is proud of its commitment to excellence in quality of product and customer satisfaction. Whether you are a clothing retailer or wholesaler, our unwavering determination to provide you with unsurpassed variety and value will keep your customers coming back and you ahead of the competition! Our expert sales team will work with you to design a highly effective business strategy that will offer your customers a vast selection of eye-catching American Fashion – the best brands that money can buy – at unbeatable prices. Our goal is to provide you with overstock clothing and accessories that will make your profits soar and your company rise above your competition.

Eagle Trade Of Miami

3690 N.W.62 St
Miami, FL 33147
Tel 305-634-4766
Fax 305-634-4788

Eagle Trade of NY, LLC

1441 Broadway #5070 New York, NY  10018
Tel 646-545-6587
Fax646-532 3187

Eagle Trade of Texas, LLC

2200 North International Dr. Hidalgo, TX. 78577
Tel 956-566-0657

American Eagle Trade Group Europe, B.V.

Mijlweg 33e,  3295 KG,  ‘s-Gravendeel The Netherlands
Tel+31786733710 / cell:+31652670425

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