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Our Mission: “To Consistently Provide Quality and Affordable American Fashion to the World”

Eagle Trade is the first choice in the industry for wholesale clearance and Department Store-returned clothing and apparel. We are the largest privately held family owned distributor and wholesaler of overstock and customer returned clothing. We are currently exporting to over 47 countries worldwide. Our prices start as cheap as 75% to 90% off original retail price (MSRP).

With an ever-increasing global clientele, we stock an inventory of America’s most recent fashion, brands, styles and sizes that meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. We have been in the industry for more than 25 years with a combined experienced staff with over 40 years of service. We export primarily to small businesses in foreign markets, creating job opportunities and generating revenue in local economies. Our success depends on our clients’ success! Whether in developed or emerging markets, clients are our priority and depend on Eagle Trade for consistent, dependable service.

Eagle Trade is proud of its commitment to excellence in quality of product and customer satisfaction. Whether you are a retailer or wholesaler, our unwavering determination to provide you with unsurpassed variety and value will keep your customers coming back and you ahead of the competition! Our expert Sales Team will work with you to design a highly effective business strategy that will offer your customers a vast selection of eye-catching American Fashion – the best brands that money can buy – at unbeatable prices. Our goal is to provide you with quality products that will make your profits soar and your company rise above your competition.

Why choose us?


  • Distribution agreements with America’s largest department stores
  • Processing over 70 truckloads of customer returns, overstocks, closeouts, and liquidations per month
  • Consistent brands and styles from the latest trends in fashion

Sorting & Grading

  • Result based formula creating our American Fashion Mixes
  • We employ over 150 full time grading experts
  • Implemented quality control to ensure the best variety & assortment

Packing & Shipping

  • Variety of packaging options available; Boxes, Gaylords, Bales, Capsacks
  • We stock all of our inventory in-house ready for immediate shipment
  • Assistance with shipping and customs documentation

Sales & Support

  • Free business analysis and consultation for qualifying customers
  • Guided tours of our 500,000 sq/ft warehouse in Miami, FL
  • Friendly and knowledgeable multi-lingual sales staff

Additional Categories

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Fashion Industry Statistics that Will Surprise You

POSTED ON December 19th  - POSTED IN Wholesale Clothing

clothing liquidators If you, I and every other person inhabiting this planet owned just one pair of pants and one shirt each, there would still be more than 14 billion articles of clothing. With Americans buying on the average, 64 pieces of apparel, every year now, we can add another 19 billion articles of cl0thing from the US alone! Though the face of the fashion industry has dramatically changed over the last 30 or 40 years, the obsession over American fashion trends has led to a textile avalanche on a global scale. As clothing liquidators, even we are sometimes amazed by the number of apparel products produced and distributed annually. Because clothing is a universal need, the statistics the fashion industry creates are nothing less than astounding. Consider the following:

  • The clothing industry generates more that $2500 trillion worldwide.
  • Children’s clothing has grown in sales by 15%, surpassing $186 billion in 2014.
  • Menswear accounts for $402 billion where women spend more than $620 billion.
  • The average American household spends about $1,700 on clothing, footwear and accessories.
  • More than 230,000 people attend New York’s Fashion Week every year.
  • Fashion Week generates about $20 million in revenue for the city of New York.
  • Textile mills in China turn rivers a rainbow of colors with the runoff from the dyes used to color the clothing they manufacture.
  • China produces more than 50% of the world’s total clothing fiber production.
  • Employment in US apparel factories has declined more than 80% over the last two decades.

Client Testimonials “We have been doing business with Eagle Trade for over 10 years and could not be happier with their products and service. Our business has grown tremendously over the years and we still use Eagle Trade as our main supplier.” – Ricardo from Chile (06/2012)

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